30 April 2006

Are you going to San Francisco?

I'm opening with a question. Just like Hamlet.

I've tried a couple blogs for friends and family, and none of them have really stuck. You should get in the habit of reading this one now, or bookmark it and make a note in your calendar to check back in 6 months to a year. Within a year or 2, there's a very real possiblity that we'll be living in Africa or South America, or some other semi-developed place and the most communication you'll get from me will be a weekly blog post.

We are moving to San Francisco, from San Diego, via D.C., at the end of June. About a year ago Mike got a new job, and movers came to our adorable little beach cottage in San Diego, packed up all our stuff, and put it in a storage facility in Maryland. They've been storing us in an impersonal, unattractive, 20-story, corporate housing apartment building in Arlington, VA. It's been a weird year, and while I've had some fun, it hasn't been the best time. We've been stuck in a holding pattern for so long, since before Mike accepted the job, that it became frustrating to be here in D.C. in this apartment, without all our stuff. Yes, our stuff has remained in storage, and we'll get it back in San Francisco. We bought some cheap furniture, rented some new furniture, bought all new kitchen stuff. I miss all my books and CDs and dishes and it will be like the best Christmas ever when we finally unpack all those boxes. (The best Christmas ever except for one thing: When they packed up our San Diego home, some food went missing. I really hope they threw it away instead of putting it in a box for a year!)

For now, I'm using this blog to document our move to San Francisco. Eventually, it will become, hopefully, a travelogue and a look at daily life in another country. Or, if Mike gets sent to Iraq or another unaccompanied post, it will be my daily gripes about being alone.

I have another blog, http://360.yahoo.com/girl_in_bleue, in which I write about my daily goings on here in D.C. But I'm not sure if it will survive the move. It's complicated, updating more than one blog on a regular basis.

And be sure to check out my friend Vicky's blog, The Mummy Chronicles.