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Are you going to San Francisco?

I'm opening with a question. Just like Hamlet.

I've tried a couple blogs for friends and family, and none of them have really stuck. You should get in the habit of reading this one now, or bookmark it and make a note in your calendar to check back in 6 months to a year. Within a year or 2, there's a very real possiblity that we'll be living in Africa or South America, or some other semi-developed place and the most communication you'll get from me will be a weekly blog post.

We are moving to San Francisco, from San Diego, via D.C., at the end of June. About a year ago Mike got a new job, and movers came to our adorable little beach cottage in San Diego, packed up all our stuff, and put it in a storage facility in Maryland. They've been storing us in an impersonal, unattractive, 20-story, corporate housing apartment building in Arlington, VA. It's been a weird year, and while I've had some fun, it hasn't been the best time. We've been stuck in a ho…