30 June 2007


My debit card was used to purchase train tickets in Italy. By someone other than me. I've cancelled the card and I have enough cash on hand for the weekend. And it wasn't a huge amount of money. But still, what a pain.

What's interesting is that the user got that 3-digit security code on the back of the card that websites ask you to enter. So I'm in the process of contacting all the companies I've ordered from online recently to let them know. The lady at the bank was able to tell me the card info was entered manually into a credit card machine in Rome. Yeah, that's definitely not me. Haven't been to Rome recently. Or ever.

"Particle man...

...Particle man. Is he a dot or is he a speck? When he's underwater does he get wet? Or does the water get him instead?"

I don't know why I love that song so much.

I went running today for the first time in, um, actually I guess a couple weeks. I have flourless chocolate cake to get rid of. And I have my free time back for my regularly scheduled hobbies--sewing, baking, running, watching tv, etc.

Mike's working today so I'm trying to drum up a little adventure for myself.

29 June 2007

dare I get excited for this?

Spike Jonze is filming an adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. Maurice Sendak is one of the producers, so hopefully that's a good sign that it will be in line with his vision.

26 June 2007


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We are tired, but happy. A few kinks in the plan, but overall the day was beautiful and wonderful and perfect for us.

A handful of cell phone snapshots are up on flickr.

20 June 2007

Hey, 53 degrees and overcast. That's not the warm sunny weather I promised my guests. Get the lead out, Sun!

Parents arrive today.

Due to the cool weather, the cats are extra alert this morning. They are tweaking and squeaking up a storm.

This is not a great post. I'm tired and avoiding some chores.

19 June 2007

Tim Russert (paraphrasing): Are voters that strategic, that they wake up on primary day and say I'll vote for this person who I think will win [the general election] even though I prefer this other candidate?

I am. It's something I've been wrestling with for months already.

Can you tell I'm watching all day politics on MSNBC? I'll be overloaded by the end of the day. But it's a pleasant diversion from wedding stuff.

Mike Gravel videos

Rock is about 2 minutes:

Fire is about 7 minutes:

I like them. I don't like how the mainstream media insists on making Gravel out to be a crackpot (he does that well enough on his own without their help). I find it ridiculous that the media is pandering to some lowest common denominator by insisting on calling the videos "bizarre" and "weird" and making comments about how Gravel wasted money on the consultants he paid for these ideas.

I doubt that any of those media talking heads are really having that hard a time figuring out the metaphors. They are just playing dumb, and that's insulting to both Gravel and the viewers. The videos themselves aren't exactly brilliant. But I think the metaphors are obvious. It's just that the spots are simple and no-budget. Give Gravel a little credit for trying to use media to his advantage. He has no money to spend on campaigning. Now that we're giving him a spotlight by contstantly talking about these ads, let's give him a chance to say something besides defending the ads.

And he didn't pay anyone for them. According to Gravel, two teachers approached him about doing a film project. He said sure, and followed their direction. Two days ago freakin' David Schuster on MSNBC was giving Gravel a hard time about how it took 3 takes to make the rock-throwing video. (It was kind of obvious Schuster didn't really care and the producers were prodding him to bait Gravel.) When the director says do it one more time, you do it. Gravel made it quite clear the ads are the vision of these two teachers, that he didn't have input on how the rock was thrown.

And I'd like to see someone on CNN or MSNBC be brave enough to come out and say they understood the videos, or at least respected the effort. Even your crazy old crackpot uncle deserves a little respect.

15 June 2007

When this wedding nonsense is all over and I have more free time, remind me that I'd like to work on cupcake-baking as a hobby. Check these out: Sour Cream Fudge Cupcakes. According to Bob, they're "gorgeous."

14 June 2007

You have the power

Stop feeding the monster that is She Who Must Not Be Named. All you have to do change the subject when someone mentions her in conversation. Really. Let's stop the "celebutard" madness.

08 June 2007

We've been busy with wedding crap and I don't want to bore you with the details.

Funny little story, cat-related if you can stomach it.

This morning upon entering the living room, Grendel came trotting to me from the area of the screen door. He was chirping with distress. I think he was tattling on Ellie. The screen door was open a few inches and Ellie was sitting outside on the balcony. But it wasn't open wide enough for Grendel to get out and I think he was upset about that. So he turned Ellie in.

I guess we officially need to fix those screen door locks. Ellie opening doors by herself is not good. She's so crafty. I let them outside sometimes for semi-supervised balcony trips, but I don't want them outside alone overnight.

02 June 2007


We are recovering from a night at Alfred's Steakhouse. If you're in the SF area and love rich, heavy food, then treat yourself to a dinner here. Preferably if you have several hours the next day you can dedicate to being lazy.

And we have to go back in 3 weeks with our parents! Nothing but veggies and water between now and then.