15 March 2012

Time Flies, and We Do Our Best to Make It Fun

I don't know where the time has gone. One day I was blogging away and the next I wasn't. And the day after that I still wasn't, and so on, for over a month. We were hit by the seasonal plague and spent weeks coughing and sneezing and trying to keep the humidifier running in the living room during the day and in Muffin's room at night. Muffin started preschool (as an eighteen-month-old kid, not a baby anymore!). We took a last-minute trip to Singapore.

Now we are finally starting to feel healthy and getting the new school-time routine down.

Muffin's first day of school:
She has yet to learn the importance of standing still and posing for the first-day-of-school photo. She'll have another chance soon, though, as summer vacation here is April and May. She'll have another first day of school in June.

Muffin visited the motorcycles again:
There's a temple around the corner from the mechanic's shop and they give sweets to Muffin when she walks in to listen to the music. She's quickly becoming a Hanuman devotee.

And Singapore:

We are now hunkering down in Hyderabad and trying to get used to the heat. Summer appears to be early. Temperatures are already reaching 99 degrees and although schools don't close for the summer until April, many are going down to half-days now because it's too hot in the afternoon. Just when we're feeling healthy enough to go outside the weather is going to drive us back in unless we go out at 6 o'clock in the morning.