12 July 2007

Harry Potter Day

Yesterday morning I was pleasantly surprised to see Daniel Radcliffe on the Today Show. (Yeah, I still watch it out of habit, even though it generally makes me sick.) Then I watched a very uncomfortable Daniel Radcliffe be interviewed by Larry King. I never, ever watch Larry King. He is an old, irrelevant, dirty old (again) man. By far the best Daniel Radcliffe interview was Conan O'Brien. Tuesday night I watched the Extras episode with Daniel Radcliffe. It's been fun, but I think I'm done now.

In other news, I bought some more travel guides yesterday and a Polish language CD. (Hmmm, maybe I should be listening to that right now instead of flipping around the TV channels.)

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Justin said...

Dang, good luck with the Polish. That is one consonant-rich language. So many z's, s's, ch's, etc.

Just remember "Prosze" said like "PROSH-uh" which means Please and also You're Welcome, AND Excuse Me.
And "dziękuję" said like "Jen-KOO-jah" meaning thank you. Those two will get you through so much and so many smiles from Poles happy that you're trying to speak their impossible language!

Also, the thing that looks like an "L" with a dash through it is pronounced like a english "W", so the word złoty is pronounced like ZWOT-ee


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