07 July 2007


This afternoon Mike and I met with a travel agent to plan our honeymoon/summer vacation. She was very nice to talk to and had visited many of the places we'd like to try and see. She seemed very knowledgeable and like she wanted to work with us rather than try to sell us a package deal. Our main cities are Zakopane (Poland), Salzburg, and Edinburgh. Places we'll pass through include London, Krakow, Vienna, and the Bavaria region. I am so excited that we've finally got these plans started. It's more than just talk now. This woman seemed very excited, too, in seeing our somewhat diverse itinerary ideas and trying to figure out the best way via planes, trains, and automobiles to get us to our destinations. Oh, and it's July now and we'd like to do this in August. An added challenge in finding available accomodations.

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