05 July 2007

I imagine this is how rich people live

I just brushed my teeth with San Pelligrino. I wouldn't recommend it. When you swish it around your mouth, the bubbles explode and fill you up with foam.

I turned on the tap and no water came out. (Moments after I inquired about my clogged tub drain service request and put in a new service request for the leaking dishwasher. I guess they're both moot for the time being, if there's no water in the building.)

The only bottled water we have in the house is the S. Pel. I really needed to brush my teeth before going out to the store to buy water. It's going to be 100 this afternoon and the cats' water bowls are almost empty. We need hydration. I don't think they'll enjoy the sparkly too much.

The power may go out across the state this afternoon because of the heat and all the energy usage. yay california!

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