24 July 2007


We got our passports yesterday! Yes, we planned and paid for a full European vacation without valid passports in hand. Mine was lost and Mike's was going to expire in August.

We know we procrastinated on this. We know it's taking 4 months to process passports. We figured the expedited fee into our travel budget. We were planning on expediting them whether we did it last week or months ago because back when we first started talking about this vacation it was apparent that application processing was going slow. We went to the passport office on Thursday and Mike picked them up there yesterday. It was worth the fee for peace of mind.

Did you know you can take your passport photo at home? Mike had me stand against the white living room wall and snapped away with the digital camera. Then he did some photoshopping to make my head 2" x 2" and printed them out on photo paper. Voila. Passport photos. You don't have to add another errand or line or expense to the passport-getting process with a little home craftiness.

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