05 August 2007

I love the smell of fresh blog content in the morning.

I've set up email and RSS subscriptions to this blog, Flaming Tulle (co-written with Vicky of The Mummy Chronicles), and a new blog I'm working on, What I Eat (gluten-free recipes and other food stuff).

That is one convoluted sentence.

Check out the top of the right-hand sidebar on each blog. You'll see links for subscribing via RSS or email. Each blog is a separate email or feed. Choose your preference then click the link to sign up. Emails go out once a day when there's content, bright and early so you can read while you drink your morning coffee.

So, if you hate pesky bookmarks and remembering to check them, then finding that the blogs haven't been updated since the last time you looked, then check out these subscription services. I hope you enjoy them, if you're into that sort of thing.

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