16 September 2007

I like a bargain but I don't like to work too hard for it

Sometimes the hunt for the good deal takes up so much time and energy that it's not really worth it to me. I like to find a happy medium between a good deal and instant gratification. When I saw a jacket at REI yesterday that I really loved, I wasn't quite ready to buy it. We often go to REI to try on clothes and see the colors in person, then come home and order stuff with all the discounts Mike gets from outdoor-adventure retailers. This jacket is from one of my favorite companies but unfortunately one Mike doesn't get a discount from, Marmot. From all of Mike's outdoor gear purchasing I knew there were zillions of places online I could look. I hate sifting through all those websites though, so if I didn't find exactly what I wanted on the first Google page I was going to give up.

The jacket was $150 at REI. Every price that popped up online was also $150. At the very bottom of the page though I noticed one for $125 at Steep Planet. What was the catch? I think it might be last year's style. It appears to be a slightly different shade of blue and they had very limited stock. (Only 2 colors and 2 sizes, whereas I know the jacket comes in 5 colors and 5 sizes.) The site gives free shipping, so for all those savings I could live with a slightly different shade of blue. We'll see when it gets here though. Maybe the catch is they won't have an easy return policy if I end up hating the color.

Bargain shopping, you win this time. For all the time I spend online, I'm still not a skilled online bargain hunter.

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