03 September 2007

Lebowski Fest Edinburgh

When planning our trip, we decided on two absolute musts: Zakopane, Poland, and Leboski Fest in Edinburgh.
Lebwoski Fest UK

Lebowski Fest pays tribute to the brilliance that is The Big Lebowski. If you have to ask, you probably won't understand. Several years ago a couple fans decided to honor the film with a bowling party and screening in their home town of Louisville, Kentucky. Eventually these parties hit the road to Los Angeles, New York, Austin, and other U.S. cities. Hundreds of like-minded fans gather for bowling, white russians, costumes, and what have you. This summer, Lebowski Fest crossed the pond for events in Edinburgh and London.
Dudes in costume

When I first heard of the Edinburgh party it crossed my mind, "We've been wanting to visit Edinburgh for awhile now. Wouldn't that be a hoot?" And Mike made it happen. The night before our wedding he was online buying tickets. Then when planning our European trip the only hard date we gave the travel agent was for this day in Edinburgh.
Mike bowls

And we had a blast! We bowled and drank white russians. We made new friends. We both qualified for round 2 of the trivia contest, but neither of us qualified for the final round. We brought a marmot that everyone took pictures of. We wore our In & Out t-shirts and people proclaimed, "It's a real place?!" We won the trophy for furthest traveled.
Rikki, Deb, and me

Later, in London, we kept bumping into one of the organizers and his special lady. They were at a hotel near ours, we ended up at the same movie one night, and at Buckingham Palace one day. Weird. But hopefully we'll run into him at another Lebowski Fest some day.

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