02 October 2007

Almost SWAP Time

It's hard to believe, but SWAP time is creeping up. The rules have been posted, and today's the first official day for fabric purchases. (For explanation, see my previous SWAP posts and the offical sponsor site, Timmel Fabrics.)

I have so many ideas. It's hard to focus. I went through my stash today and color-coordinated everything. I think I can get a black, white & blue or a brown, white & pink wardrobe out of the fabric I've got.

There's one hindrance to my planning. We will most likely be moving within the next few months but we have no idea when we'll move or where we'll go. Potential new climates vary, which makes it hard to plan what kind of clothes I'll need. Also, I fear that in January when actual sewing for the contest begins, we will be packed up and on the road, and my sewing machine will be locked in storage for 6 months. It would be impossible to participate in the contest then.

I may have to forego the official contest this year and sew along as best as possible. We are allowed to have 2 previously sewn pieces in the finished collection, so I may just start a sewing spree now and finalize the plan later with a finished piece or 2 when I know more about our location fate. It's not a very organized way to go about SWAP sewing, but it may be the best I can do this year.

I haven't been in the sewing room in months, but I think I'm ready to go back in.

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