21 December 2007

I love my rainboots

Oh Pucci rainboots, how do I love thee?

You are practical yet beautiful.

I could have paid less money for knock-offs from Target, but I really wanted your name on my feet. You are comfortable. I feel like I'm wearing slippers. Cheaper shoes from Target often hurt my feet.

You will be useful for January winter rains in San Francisco, April showers in Washington, D.C., and downpours year-round in East Africa. You are so cute with so many skirts I already own and will be cute with so many skirts I have yet to make.

I feel both like a kid wearing galoshes and a stylish adult when I have you on. (And now that I've finally decided which pair to keep and which pairs to return, I just cannot take you off. I wish I'd made this decision yesterday when it was actually raining and I was slogging my way to the post office.)

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