01 December 2007

I'm officially healthy

After nearly 6 weeks of doctor's appointments, lab work, filling out forms, and waiting and waiting, the results are in: I'm healthy. And Mike's job agrees. I'm cleared to live any place in the world. (We still don't know where that could end up being.)

You may remember I'd been waiting on one test that had to be redone several times due to inconclusive results. Those results finally came back as "slightly abnormal." One cause for abnormal results is inflammation, which, get this, can be caused by multiple testing. Oh the irony!

Health-wise, this is apparently no big deal and these results pop up all the time. You get tested again within 6 months to a year and if you're normal then, it's as if the abnormality never happened. My doctor knows the story of the mutliple testing and is certain that's the cause. I didn't even care what this meant for my health. I was only concerned about the medical clearance. My doctor wrote a nice note to go along with my results. I faxed the pages to the powers that be and waited.

And waited.

And finally... I'm clear! I'm healthy enough to live in a Third World country.

And you know, I thought it would be the celiacs disease that I'd have to defend. No one even questioned me about that.

The last name and birthdate on my medical clearance certificate are wrong. That can't be too important, though, right?

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