22 December 2007

Yes, I know it's Christmas, but...

But please just let me be distracted and don't tell me to relax and enjoy Christmas. I do enjoy Christmas and I am trying hard to enjoy it this year. I decorated a tree. I watched Charlie Brown. I mailed packages on time. I'm looking forward to opening presents and having dinner.

I have distractions beyond the usual distractions this year. I'm not being Grinchy or cynical. I'm just short of time is all. We found out two days ago that Mike has to report to D.C. on January 7th. That doesn't give us a lot of time to move. I'll stay behind an extra week or two to close out the apartment slightly less rush-ed-ly. But still. January 7th. Two weeks from Monday.

Logistically speaking, doing a move cross-country with less than a month to plan and execute is a little bit of a bad dream. During this particular month I'm certain it will reach nightmarish heights. Holidays, bad winter weather, not having enough time to plan and prepare, doing some of it all by myself with two stupid cats underfoot.

I'm actually not freaking out. I know it will somehow all come together in the end. But in order for that to happen I have to give up a good portion of my brain that would normally go toward feeling Christmassy.

I'll go into robot mode for a while, then I'll wake up one month from now in my hotel-room prison and wonder how I got there. (Yeah, as a bonus we spend, like, 6 months living in hotels with all our belongings in storage before heading off to Africa.)

We are disappearing for the 24th and 25th, going underground. No internets, no cell phones, no other people, just us relaxing in a secret location. When we emerge on the 26th we will be in full-on moving mode.

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