23 January 2008

We Killed the Stainless Steel

Our hotel suite really isn't that bad as long as we make an effort to keep it neat and organized (and for us that takes a lot of effort). Housekeeping comes in every once in a while to take out the garbage and vacuum around the cats. There's a nice little bar along the side of the kitchen that I've taken over as my office.

There's a great international grocery store around the corner and I walked over yesterday to buy a few things. The produce there is phenomenal. I made guacamole, and every time I sliced into a new vegetable, the fresh, delicious scent was overpowering. We decided to make quesadillas last night, something that would be a tasty vehicle for the guacamole. (I'm trying not to complain there there's no oven here, thus making at least a third of my cooking repertoire obsolete.)

We heated up the cheap stainless steel frying pan on the stovetop. I place my tortilla in the middle and piled it up with cheese, beans, and yellow pepper. As the cheese got melty, I folded the tortilla in half, grabbed the spatula, and attempted to flip over the quesadilla. But the cheap plastic spatula also got melty. Yes, they provide a frying pan and a spatula but obviously don't expect you to use them, because they provide you with a spatula that melts as soon as it hits a warm pan. I was able to salvage the quesadilla by pushing it off to the side with my finger, away from the melted plastic. But the pan is ruined now. And boy did the kitchen (and thus the whole suite) smell terrible.

By this time Mike is practically hallucinating from hunger, especially after the guacamole scent finally overpowered the melting plastic smell. However can we finish making dinner? Easy! We invite over a friend who's staying in the same hotel and ask him to bring his frying pan. And we weren't quite as careful as we should have been, because by the end of the evening his frying pan had melted plastic on it too. But by then we had tummies full of quesadillas, guacamole, and sangria so it didn't matter.


Whimspiration said...

Well, congrats on getting food in you anyway. *chuckle* That meal sounds delectable!

'Though, if you are in the mood for a bit of culinary adventure, you can grab a copy of "cooking without a kitchen", it's a really fun read when you are essentially living in a hotel, and has some neat tips too, especially if you like steamed veggies.

Stephanie said...

I'll check out that book, thanks! We do like steamed veggies. I brought my microwave mini-steamer with me.


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