11 January 2008

You Can Mail Anything With a Stamp on It

One of the funny little touristy things to do in Hawaii is mail a coconut to your friend back home, testing the Post Office's rule that anything with a stamp and an address label can mailed. (So I've heard; I've never actually been to Hawaii, but I know people who've received mailed coconuts.)

With that in mind, my cat's quiet and doesn't move much. Can I put some stamps on his head, tie an address label to his tail, and drop him in a mailbox? I really don't think he'd mind dozing in a small, dark space.

Seriously, though, shipping cats can be a real headache. Late this afternoon their reservations were finally confirmed for this weekend so I think I may finally get a good night's sleep. The cat confirmation is the last thing I've been waiting for. Movers? Check. Car shipper? Check. Cleaning ladies? Check. My hotel and flight? Check. But if the cats couldn't fly, the whole plan would fall apart.

Because of weather restrictions there's still a slight chance they could be denied at the gate. But I'm not too worried about that. They're flying during the day where temps will be in the 50s. The vet has certified them to fly as cold as 32 degrees. Anyone who looks at them is going to see they'll be fine in cold weather. (They're Norwegian!) And Mike will be picking them up on the other end, saying "Get my cats off the freakin' tarmac."

Next up: Who wants to help me drive 2 cats to the airport at 5:00 am on Sunday?

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