20 March 2008

Burundi Morning News

I'm in research mode this morning. I don't feel like doing real work yet. I'm tired of all the preparations: paperwork for my new job, studying French, studying African geography, making lists of consumables to pack. So I'm browsing for more Burundi information. There's not a lot out there and there's not a lot I haven't heard yet. But this little tidbit from the CIA World Factbook struck me:
Airports: 8
Airports with paved runways: 1
Airports with unpaved runways: 7

Unpaved runways? That had not occurred to me. If they're not paved, are they dirt? Grass? I suppose there could be at least one water-landing airport on the lake.

Also, what does "sealed" mean in reference to roads? Does that mean paved? Or does it mean something more ominous involving checkpoints of some sort?

On a cheerier note, I also read a bit about the coffee industry. I'm very much looking forward to the coffee, even though I've heard from people on the ground there that I'll have to bring my own CoffeeMate because there's no good cream or half and half. I hate CoffeeMate and other non-dairy creamers. I'm going to bring as many of those irradiated half and half things that you see in hotel dining rooms and convenience store coffee bars. I'm sure I can get them in bulk at Costco.

Image from Lonely Planet.

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eor said...

*waves* I keep forgetting to come over here and see what you're up to.

If they're not paved, are they dirt? Grass?

Could be either. I've landed on grass in a two seater, it was less scary than landing on pavement in a two seater with a side wind.

I believe sealed means paved or concrete.


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