17 March 2008

We've Sprung a Leak!

A little over an hour ago I heard some dripping sounds. I half ignored it, thinking it might be someone's tub or shower and I noted the time in case it was still happening an hour later. I started thinking that we've lived in this room for two months now and it doesn't sound like someone nearby using the shower or tub. But I didn't want to be an alarmist and call in something that wouldn't be a problem.

About 30 minutes later I was on hold with our insurance company, pacing the floor, when I stepped in a patch of wet carpet. Okay, time to call the front desk as soon as I get off hold with the insurance company. Waiting, waiting... the wet patch is spreading. Cripes. Finally I talk to an insurance person and she straightens out that problem. (I'll receive a notice in 30 to 45 days to find out if the proper action was actually taken.) Now time for the next problem. I hung up my cell phone with one hand and picked up the hotel room phone with the other and urgently made my plea to the front desk.

Someone from the maintenance team popped in, felt around the floor, heard the dripping, and said, "It's dripping." (If he wasn't George Takai, he had to have been his twin brother.) A few minutes later the dripping was still going on... so they didn't turn off the water, which would have been my first step. A few more minutes go by and a second maintenance guy shows up with a handful of towels. They prove to be not that effective in wiping up water from carpet. So he leaves and comes back later with even more towels. As he's trying to sop up water from the carpet a third guy comes in (who is the regular guy they send to our room--we've had a handful of problems here) with a giant wet-dry vac. Yay, power! He starts sucking up the water and then the first guy shows up again with another wet-dry vac. Our regular guy tells George Takai that he'll take it from here. 

Our regular guy spends a few minutes sucking up the water, then says he'll be back with a giant fan. While waiting for him to get back with the fan, Mike comes home to find the room in damp disarray. He hadn't gotten my voice mails. But he was glad our regular guy was on the case. When he came back with the fan they chatted a bit.

Now the industrial fan is blowing and I'm contemplating finishing my work with the wireless Internet in the lobby.

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