21 April 2008

Catching Up

Last night, about a week after leaving our little studio hotel room for a two-bedroom apartment, we found ourselves crammed into one room. Me in bed reading, Mike at the desk online, and the cats dozing nearby. So why did we upgrade to a bigger, better apartment if we're going to continue all living together in one room?

Oh yeah, because now we live in Georgetown and it's so much better than Falls Church. There's stuff to walk to! Metro stops, restaurants, post office, Dunkin Donuts... the possibilities are endless.

We are just beginning to feel settled here. The day after we moved in Mike's mom arrived and we accompanied her on a road trip to Roanoke for a couple days. Then Mike headed north to spend some time with his brother and friends in Philly and New York. Last night was only the third night Mike has spent in our new digs. I spent my time alone scouting out the neighborhood but by yesterday I was so incredibly bored. I wanted Mike back to show off all the stuff I discovered.

Now he's back, but had to go to work this morning of course. And I'm bored again. And it's raining. And I'm bored.


Cheat to Win said...

But there are so many things to do in DC! Unfortunately, everything is more fun with someone else, but I've come to embrace my inner nerd - movies at E Street are a great way to spend alone time, as is running down the Canal or reading in a coffee shop.

You'll have fun, I promise you.

Vicky said...

OK I swear I will make it up there to visit you- this coming month! There is no excuse not to. Besides I LOVE it up there.


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