05 April 2008

We're moving again

We get antsy. And we are at the point where we hate our hotel room. It's nice enough, but we're sick of it. It's a studio and after 3 months it's driving us both crazy that we can't close a door and get some alone time. The other person is always there. And the cats. Oh the cats! They are driving us crazy too. The smaller the living space, the more we have to listen to their shenanigans all night long. Plus, this northern Virginia suburb has nothing to do unless you want to eat out at chain restaurants every night. We like to walk places and we can't walk to a darn thing from here. Our souls have been sapped.

So we are moving to two-bedroom suite smack-dab in the middle of D.C. We feel we deserve some nice digs for a few months before heading off to Africa. We've always wanted to live in D.C. rather than Virginia. We'll be able to walk everywhere! And the weather's finally getting decent enough for walking without bundling up and looking like a Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man.

We have a busy week ahead of us as we figure out how to check out of one place and into the next in one day, making as few driving trips as possible, while Mike's at work all day long. We need to get a storage unit for storing stuff that we'll need in Africa but not D.C. We need to weed out the winter clothes that we didn't actually wear this winter and drop them in a clothing bin.

(And finish our taxes. Oh, and Mike's mom is coming down for a visit next weekend. And I wanted to get B-52s and Cure tickets. So much to do!)

On moving day I'm going to have to drive in D.C., which I've never done before, and I think I'm more nervous about that than driving in Africa.

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Vicky said...

ooh someday... I want to live in DC too. We keep looking for a place but have yet to find one.


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