21 May 2008

Rationing the Kleenex

I've been in Rhode Island for a week and now I'm home and I have a crappy cold. The one advantage to being sick while you travel is that if you cough and sniffle enough, no one will sit next to you on the train. Until it gets so crowded that some poor person has no choice but to sit next to the sniffling, coughing mess. (I tried my best not to cough directly on anyone.) Mike, sweetheart that he is, ran out to CVS this morning the moment he saw me take the last Kleenex from the box.

Rhode Island is one of those places, especially the more rural parts I inhabit, where cell phones and internets don't work reliably. Sort of like Burundi I guess. I ran past cows, who stopped munching to look up and moo at me. I ran to the beach. It was great to be away from the city.

1 comment:

Vicky said...

ah lil' rhody. I know. Just forget about wi-fi...


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