02 May 2008

Reading vs. Television

I joined the Goodreads group 50 Books in 2008 thinking it would be fun to keep track of the books I read this year. I have to admit that having a list has made me put aside some tv and computer time and read instead. But I look at my list with a measly 7 or so books on it and other people's, some who have already surpassed 50 books this year and I wonder where they find the time and what they're reading. Sure, if there were 50 books in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series I'd be able to read them all in one year. But I'm reading a lot about Africa this year and some of those books are long and dense.

At some point I have to believe my brain is better off watching Discovery Channel or Animal Planet than reading Shopaholic. And I'm considered somewhat of a bookish person. (Mike's probably going to read this so I'll admit here that I often opt for Seinfeld or Family Guy reruns over books, too. But I like to think that since some of my reading is so heavy my brain needs the vacation.)

Anyway, here's my sad little list. I have a long mental to-read list and with all the train and airplane rides I have coming up this year I hope to knock quite a few more off that to-read list.

Reading books should probably be the last thing I worry about this year, what with all the other stuff we have coming up. (I have to get vaccinations soon!!) 99% of our book collection is in storage, waiting to be reunited with us in Burundi, and I miss my books. Oh yes, we're taking the whole collection with us. (Anyone who's been to our home know we have an insane amount of books. More than just about anyone we know our age.)

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