30 June 2008

I Need the Dope

I was also thinking of calling this post, "I Haven't Got Time for the Pain." I have one of the rarer, but still considered mild, side effects of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. The right side of my face, from mid-cheek to mid-throat, is swollen and achy. Today it's actually not as bad as yesterday but I plan on calling the clinic when it opens just in case.

At first I thought the pain was tooth related, due to all the poking and prodding in there plus the extra brushing and flossing last week. It's not crazy to think that something could be irritated in there. But then I perused the tome of vaccine-related FAQ sheets I was given at the immunization clinic and noticed the note about that rare, yet considered mild, side effect.

(What's funny is that it's only on my right side, the side I had the shot in. My measles rash was on my right arm, too. My left arm has yellow fever, though. There's a tell-tale red splotch at the injection site.)

I'm not a huge fan of taking drugs unless I have to. Yesterday morning proved to be my "have to" point. I had something of a drinking problem with my coffee, dribbling it down my chin because half my mouth just wasn't working properly. Attractive, eh? It was time to break out the ibuprofen. We had lunch plans with some friends yesterday and I was not going to be dribbling in front of others.

I am currently a fan of this ibuprofen. I've been taking it about an hour before a meal so I have swallowing abilities by the time I eat. I'm going to call the clinic today to validate this "mild" claim and they'll probably tell me to continue with the ibuprofen. The side effects could last for up to two weeks after the injection. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment so in the off chance that it is dental related, she'll be able to confirm it. (And probably tell me to continue with the ibuprofen.)

Tired of my medical talk? Stay tuned! I'm considering my first NaBloPoMo in July. The theme is food, and I love food.


Diane H K said...

Bummer about the mumps!

My toddler contracted chicken pox at 16 months from the chicken pox vaccine. A full-blown, albeit mild, case. I held her feverish, weak little self for three days solid, she was so sick. It doesn't happen often that tots get the pox from the vaccine, but it DOES happen. We had to quarantine and everything.

Stephanie said...

Oh, poor little girl! I just keep telling myself that the side effects are better than the actual sicknesses. That's little consolation when you have a sick baby in your arms, I'm sure, but better off in the long run.

Vicky said...

Oh I feel for you in that muggy DC swamp! Feel better!!!


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