12 July 2008

Just a Quick Note

I debated not doing a NaBloPoMo post today and ruining my streak because some days there are more important things than blog posting. And I'm most likely going to be derailed when I go to Rhode Island later this week anyway. My brain did plenty of work today without crafting a post, thank you very much.

But I have a few minutes to kill while waiting for George's King of Falafel and Cheese Steak to deliver some totally yummy hummus and grape leaves and other tasty treats for dinner. Mike zipped out to find an ATM. I'm about 7 sips into a new gluten-free beer, Green's Endeavour. What else can I do but check out the online world for a bit?

We had another busy day of consumables shopping. We tackled wine and beer, cat stuff, the Asian grocery store, and a few toiletries that we couldn't find at Costco. Plus two trips to the storage unit. We are spent. Toward the end of the outing, as I was wilted and getting close to a meltdown, I reminded myself that in four weeks I'll be a million miles from any suburban shopping center and that will be a great reward if I can just get through it now. I perked up a bit and just kept shopping.

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