18 August 2008

The Meat-Cycle

We've made it through the first week. It's been exhausting but fun! (Yes, I've copy/pasted that from just about every email I've sent today.)

On Saturday morning we decided it was time for some grocery shopping. Our cook does the grocery shopping but he had Friday through Sunday off because of a holiday. He roasted a chicken on Thursday to cover us for the weekend, but there were a few personal items we wanted to try shopping for.

We got a little lost. The map becomes useless at a certain point when there are no street signs and no obvious landmarks. Eventually we saw the lake and then the cathedral and were able to navigate back to a store (a store that is literally right around the corner from our house). But as we were out there in Buj traffic surrounded by people and bicycles and mototaxies and minibuses, we had to stop and laugh. An old man was riding a bicycle with a huge cow carcass strapped to the front basket. I don't even know how he was able to ride and keep his balance; it must be something he does regularly. It was so funny and ridiculous. I wish I had the camera ready, but it's just something we'll all have to picture in our minds. It really is as funny as it sounds.

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Diane H K said...

"Our cook..."

You have a cook.

A cook.


(falls over, stunned)


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