05 August 2008

No Sleep 'til Buj

We are back from the land of Springsteen and not a moment too soon. Our train got delayed a little yesterday and I feel like we've been scrambling ever since we stepped off it. Our beloved Subaru is in New Jersey now and we're renting a monster Mercury Grand Marquis. It's like driving around on a sofa. The first time I sat down in it I stretched out my legs and my flip-flops fell off, I was that relaxed and it's that roomy.

The cats had their pre-flight checkup last night and got their microchips. It's been quite a puzzle trying to figure out how to get them on the plane. We're taking them as excess baggage but we're transferring between two different airlines, and those airlines have different requirements for flying pets. (I had typed "pests"; what a Freudian slip.) And the transfer point is a European Union country, so who really knows what's going to happen when we show up there. They don't have rabies, they do have microchips, and on Friday they'll be USDA-approved. That should be good enough for them to travel anywhere.

Momentarily we expect packers to arrive to take our clothes and food. Tomorrow packers go to the storage unit to gather up the rest of our stuff. There's nothing for us to do now but sit and wait.

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Diane H K said...

I just thought of something.

Cats can get dehydrated SO easily, particularly when traveling. I know this seems nutty, but maybe you want to talk to your vet about giving both of them a jolt of subcutaneous fluids to help them on the journey. They'll look like they're carrying a little water bag under their skin, but it goes away as the fluid is absorbed. You'd just need to make sure the vet gives you some sort of statement to attach to the cats' paperwork so that no one inspecting them will be surprised by the fluid blob and think there's something wrong with them.

Again, just a thought. We did this for our eldest cat when we moved, and it helped her a great deal.


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