14 November 2008


It's been nearly three weeks since we tried to pasteurize our own milk. (See this post.) The last two weeks we've gone back to the secret milk location and bought their pasteurized milk. And you know what? It's pretty tasty. And so far there haven't been any ill effects. (There's been illness and I'll get to that in a future post, but not from the milk.) Milk in my coffee and milk in my cereal. It seems like such a luxury! (Who would consider milk a luxury?)

The first day it tastes a little like cow, butI get used to it. Mike says it tastes just like the bottled milk his family would have delivered when he was a kid. It only stays tasty for a couple days, so we use it up Sunday through Wednesday (it's drinkable for Thursday morning coffee but by Friday it's useless). Since we go for a couple days without it, that's why I have to get used to the cow taste all over again.

For the commenters on my previous milk post: Yes, it should have been 15 seconds. My Belgian nurse co-worker doesn't have a great command of English and often mistranslates. And I took her word for it rather than looking it up online myself, since I have so few precious moments online in a day. What became of the curdled milk? Our cook said he could make yogurt. And one day a strawberry yogurt-like substance appeared. So it didn't totally go to waste (except I didn't finish the yogurt because it just didn't appeal to me, cow-flavored strawberries, and it was runnier than I'm accustomed to yogurt being). I appreciate the effort though.

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