24 November 2008

Take a hike

We are really doing it! We reserved and paid for our Tanzanian vacation in February. Thirteen days of Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti. We’ll be on the mountain on my birthday. (I would love to summit on my birthday, but the schedule didn’t work out that way.)

Now I really have to focus on fitness for the trek. My pack, boots, and poles should be arriving with the rest of our stuff later this week, so I can workout with all my gear. We have a mountain right here in Bujumbura that I can walk up and down all day long to my heart’s content.


Diane H K said...

Definitely start preparing for the hike asap. I prepped hard for 6 months for my Mt. Rainier hike, and it was just barely enough. I get altitude sickness, so I had to stay at an upper elevation for a week beforehand to acclimate; be careful about that!

Sounds like fun, though. I can't do much hiking anymore as my knees are deteriorating. Can still kayak, though. Woot!

Amanda said...

Wow - I'm definitely jealous of this plan. Very exciting news. Happy training!!


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