10 November 2008

Yay Democracy!

Even though I was a little homesick, it was thrilling to be here for the presidential election. I had the opportunity to watch the results early on Wednesday morning with some Burundian university students. They were so inspired. I think they think that if they can get to the United States somehow, then their children could be the president someday, too. They also think this democracy thing is pretty cool. One student told me he thinks it’s great that we can vote for someone based on ideas, not from coercion or who will give you a job or which party you belong to. And they like how we get to know a candidate through the media, all the information about both policy ideas and personal lives. Optimists yearn for Burundi elections to be the same way some day. (Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they’ll adopt the American style before the 2010 election here.)

Oh, and here’s a photo of us from Halloween:

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