10 December 2008

Get ready for the feats of strength

Holiday party planning is in full swing. The party’s on Friday, so once it’s over I get to sleep until Christmas.

Not really.

I’ve thrown myself into activities to divert my attention from… I’m not homesick exactly but I feel a bit off. Of course there’s the party on Friday. I’m also working on toy donations for local orphanages. (Check out Toys for Tots in your neighborhood! If we can do it in Bujumbura, you can do it wherever you are.) We may do the toy delivery on Christmas morning! Not that these kids have much of a notion of Christmas, but it’s a day we have off and there’s no big family meal to prepare for, so it’s a day of free time.

Today I hosted a woman who works with a local women’s shelter that does embroidery for tablecloths, napkins, and other linens. She came into the office with many products and also took custom orders for more. It was a great success! A lot of people stopped in to see the embroidery and learn about the shelter. I’d like to do events like this with more local artisans and organizations. It’s convenient that the shopping comes to you and you’re supporting local enterprises.

I’m also organizing talks on avian flu and malaria next week. Fun!

I sound so great, don’t I? As George Costanza once said, “I could be a kick ass philanthropist!” That reminds me, Festivus is coming up soon too. There must be an aluminum pole around here somewhere.

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