26 February 2009

Day 1 of Safari

17 Feb
Day 1 of Safari

The final descent from Kili was relatively easy. We woke up early and hit the trail. We were the first people to register exiting the Mweke gate for the day.

Back at Springlands Hotel in Moshi we showered and got massages. We emailed our parents. We inquired about upgrading to lodging rather than a camping safari. They told us we were already booked for lodging. I fretted about it all night and went back to reception this morning to re-confirm. I insisted we had paid for camping, they insisted we were booked for lodging. More on that later.

We decided to spend Monday afternoon in Moshi. The vendors are much pushier than in Buj but we actually liked some of the artwork we saw, so bought it.

Clock Tower traffic circle, Moshi

Then a guy decided to be our guide. He and Mike discussed Burundi politics and he safely led us to Salzburger Café.

What a funny place! Bavaria meets Africa, plus a VW obsession. Food was pretty good. Nice to not be eating Zara food for a night.

Salzburger Cafe, Moshi

In the morning we confirmed our lodging safari. David showed up to be our driver and guide. We had a long ride out to Lake Manyara but it was worth it. Saw many animals. Elephants right up close to the car.

Waiting for the elephant to decide where to go, Lake Manyara Nat'l Park

Arrived at Highview Hotel and couldn’t believe our luck at Zara’s mistake. Beautiful and much nicer than Springlands.

Ate impala for dinner! It tastes like pot roast.

Saw fischer’s lovebirds while having a drink on the patio.

Animals seen in and around Lake Manyara National Park:
olive baboon
blue monkey
bushbuck – male and female
impala – harem, group of females
marabou stork
wildebeest buffalo
masai giraffe
vervet monkey
bird – lilac-breasted roller
dwarf mongoose
hornbill – black w/ orange beak
guinea fowl

See photos on flickr

I'm typing up my notes from the trip and posting them with just some light editing. Each day will be a new post. (Some of these may not be much more than lists of animals we saw each day.)

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