28 March 2009

When Woodland Kingfishers Attack

This morning I saw one of these on the rail of our terrace:
At the time I didn't know what it was. I was only a few feet away from it and I didn't want to move or call out to Mike. I just watched him and tried to imprint his image on my brain so I could look him up later. 

He flew up under the terrace roof, right in front of me, and smacked into a column on the other end of the terrace. Then he took off for a nearby tree. Mike came out as he was flying off. He had something in his mouth and with the binoculars Mike identified it as a gecko. The geckos hide out in the seam along the edge of the roof, so he must have intentionally flown in to get the gecko; he wasn't just a stupid bird smacking in to something. He thrashed the gecko around a bit, then assumedly at it. He flew away before I could see him with the binoculars.

This was our first sighting of this bird in our yard. The blue is striking. We hope he sticks around! We have more than enough geckos for him to snack on.

Image from wikipedia.org.

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