17 April 2009

Don't mail Netflix without drinking morning coffee first

I've been a Netflix subscriber for several years now. At least five, maybe longer. And this week for the first time ever, I made a mistake. One morning I opened the DVD player, took out the disc, put it in the envelope, and gave it to Mike to drop in the mail slot at work. Just like I've done hundreds of time. 

Last night I was straightening up the DVD area when I saw the disc that's supposed to be on it's way to Netflix. (Here's were I reveal something totally embarrassing: Mike and I are hooked on The Tudors. We're on disc 3 of season 1.) Okay, not the end of the world. I can double up discs next time I send one back. But, wait a minute... what disc did I mail back? I haven't figured that out yet. But Henry VIII is looking up at me from the TV table and he creeps me out.

I blame coffee. Some days I don't drink it at home; I bring it to the office instead. On those mornings I have a proven track record of doing ridiculous things before arriving in the office.

Netflix customer service is pretty good, but tracking down an errant disc among the thousands they receive every day is probably a Herculean task. Adding to the annoyance is that all our mail gets funneled through a U.S. address, which makes shipping a breeze, but also makes it long. It takes at least 3 weeks for a Netflix to arrive at the facility after I've dropped it in the mail here. I doubt I'll see my disc again.

My one hope is that the mail hasn't gone out yet this week from Mike's office. Usually it goes out on Thursday, but sometimes Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed for a slow mail week this week!


Deidre said...

I am having a hard time containing my jealousy - you live abroad AND get netflix. Holy Heaven that sounds nice. Everyonce and awhile Netflix emails me and is like "your queue awaits you, just click here to sign back up" and it crushes me to have to delete it.

Derien said...

I'm in suspense. Did you ever even figure out which disc you sent them?


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