29 May 2009

SpongeBob DutchPants

We are stuck. We are supposed to be preparing to land in Bujumbura right now but our flight was cancelled. Slight moment of panic when we discovered that this morning. The next regularly scheduled direct flight is Wednesday. But we reminded ourselves that we're in Brussels, not Bujumbura, and there are plenty of other flight options and since the cancellation is not from weather, the airline should take care of us. 

And in fact they've taken good care of us. The whole direct flight was rescheduled for tomorrow at the same time. The hotel is nice and they are giving us plenty of voucher euros for meals. If we weren't so tired of being on the road we'd really be enjoying ourselves. Mike's watching SpongeBob SquarePants right now and it's dubbed in Dutch. Of all the cities on our trip, Brussels definitely has the greatest variety of languages on tv: English, French, Dutch, and German. 

We're not getting out and seeing any of Brussels. We are tired of figuring out local transportation systems. We are tired of looking at beautiful old buildings. We are tired of restaurant food, cafe food, bistro food, market food, and travel snack food. We are ready to be home, in our own bed, with our own cat, with clothes that we haven't worn for the last two weeks.

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