12 May 2009


We were watching a movie a few nights ago and the New York City skyline panned across the screen. Mike said, "Won't it be weird to be in a real city?" It certainly will. 

We're leaving for Paris on Friday and I can't wait. Neither of us have been before. I can't wait to take a subway and wear urban, spring-time clothing instead of the year round shorts and t-shirts we wear here. I can't wait to see streets lined with modern stores and restaurants -- I'm sure I'll do something totally American like go to Starbucks and shop at the GAP. I can't wait to stay in a nice hotel. I can't wait to see lights at night and have the electricity stay on all the time.

I will probably miss the fresh tropical fruit. That may be the one thing that will be irreplaceable. But I'm sure lots of ice cream will help me forget.

It's been a long few weeks since we got back from Tanzania. And that vacation was fun but it wasn't relaxing. I wouldn't say we're homesick but we just need a break.

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