10 July 2009

You know what really grinds my gears? G-8 Edition

You know what really grinds my gears? Conferences held by world leaders to discuss the bad economy and saving the environment that are expensive and have ridiculous carbon footprints just in the amount of jet fuel used to get everyone there.

A few months ago, what was it, 20 leaders who gathered together in London? And this week the G-8 was held in Italy.

They should be leading by example. If they're going to talk about the greatness of renewable energy and reducing carbon footprints, why not have a contest to see which biotech company can develop the greatest solar-powered video conferencing system, and put it to the ultimate test by actually using it. What better way to stimulate innovation in a field they all say they promote and save everyone a lot of money at the same time?
Really, what is coming out of these conferences? What is being accomplished? Everyone talks about the good things they want to do, but where are the actions? If they're going to sit around talking about pledges, the least they could do is sit around at home so that they don't look quite so showy.

Every world leader should be forced to take one of those "stay-cations" I've heard so much about. They could promote tourism and service industries in their own capital cities. I think it's lovely that the Obama daughters got to make real gelatto in Italy, but there are plenty of ice cream crafters in the D.C. area who I'm sure would give them the same opportunity. And it would help a small, local business. If only the Secret Service would let them use the Metro, for the real D.C. experience.

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