24 August 2009

There's no denying it.

Vicky’s been talking about the Shred. I recently got in touch with some old running friends. I was told I’m nearing high blood pressure territory. Watching the IAAF World Championships on television ignited a spark of what I used to feel like. I’ve been a slug and it seems like I have a completely different body than the one that climbed Kilimanjaro a few months ago.

It’s time to start running again.

Over the last couple of weeks (since the blood pressure announcement) I’ve made a conscious effort to reduce my alcohol consumption and increase my mileage. It was slow and painful at first. It’s still slow and painful, but slightly less so. I’m setting small goals. First, get up early to run after a night of too much food and drink. That first morning hurt. But I told myself that if I could get up and run under those conditions, I had no excuse not to get up and run under any other conditions. So that led to my second goal: Get up early and run two days in a row. What was that I said about under any conditions? I got up and did it.

Last December there was a marathon and half-marathon here in Bujumbura. I’ve been contacting everyone I can find to see if the races are being held again this year. I’m confident I can be in half-marathon shape in December if I have a race to look forward to. But I face a dry spell of not even a 5K race between now and then to keep me motivated. Bujumbura just doesn’t have organized races.

(But we do have a mountain, and boy am I feeling that mountain nearly every morning.)


Marc Neilson said...

Hey there, I just arrived in Bujumbura this week and was also looking for places to run. I heard the jardin du sport is a good place. Where do you run if I may ask?

Stephanie said...

Hi Marc. Jardin Public is good, as are the residential streets in the neighborhood around it. I've heard that L'Entente Sportive allows runners on its grounds, but I've never tried. If you want a good hill workout, take Belvedre or Rwagasore up the mountain to the university.

Marc Neilson said...

Awesome thanks for the info, BTW I just started with a large int'l organization here and I am kind of scoping out the international scene, any recommendations?

You cam send a mail via my blog at mail@carmaglobale.com if it's not too much trouble.

Victoria said...

This BP thing with you scares me! Please take care! And no, I'm not detoxing while doing all this training. Rather, I'm allowing a few days of rest. I don't have a death wish. Ha.


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