05 November 2009

Newsflash: The Sun Is Strong on the Equator

When I went to bed on Sunday night I noticed my shoulders were sore. I hadn't done anything with them to warrant soreness, no lifting of weights or wearing of heavy packs. I fell asleep and forgot about it until the next morning. 
The next morning my shoulders and the back of my neck were bright red. Like lobster shoulders. I'd worn a t-shirt all day Sunday. I could see the lines on my shoulder from the tank top I'd worn on Saturday. 


Saturday was the day of the Marine Corps Ball. I was at the tent most of the day helping the Marines set up. I made a conscious effort to stay under the tent all day. The only time I was out from under the tent was the seven minutes I spent walking between my house and the tent. That's how strong the sun is here on the equator and that's how sensitive my skin is.

I must have taken idiot pills instead of my vitamin on Saturday morning. Why didn't I put on sunblock? I've lived here for over a year with absolutely no sunburn and it's because I'm obsessed with staying pale and moisturized. I never step outside without it. What happened to me?

On the bright side, the redness did not appear on my shoulders on Saturday night, while I was wearing a strapless party dress. I'm all itchy-shouldered now, but I had a great time on Saturday night.

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A said...

Looks like you had fun at the Ball - we did too in exotic Ottawa. Wondering if you would like to contribute to my fs photo blog - www.at-post.blogspot.com


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