27 February 2010

And Then the Stomach Bug

I've been struggling all week to come up with something positive or at least novel and interesting to write about. But I'm at a loss. It's been a week of ho-hum to not-so-great.

I had a stomach bug that kept me couched on Monday and Tuesday. When I was finally feeling good enough, stomach-wise, to drag myself to work, I was overcome by the aches and discomfort of pregnancy, which everyone assures me is normal but that doesn't make it any less annoying.

Our housekeeper is sick. No, it's not the end of the world that we do our own laundry and cook for ourselves for a few days. I'm worried about him. He worked half-days on Monday and Tuesday and we haven't heard from him since. It could just be bad cell reception -- the network is terrible here and he lives in the mountains far out of town, where the reception is even worse. My fear is that he has malaria. He looked terrible on Tuesday. I tried to send him home right away but he insisted on doing a few things around the house first. We're hoping that if we can't get in touch with him via phone this weekend, we can get a message to him through our gardener on Monday.

One more thing. I'm generally extremely patient with the mail here. I know it's going to take at least two to three weeks to receive anything, so I order something, forget about it, and have a little surprise when it arrives. But the one time I really need something, of course the mail is six weeks late. I ordered my textbooks in mid-January for courses starting on March 1st. I was so proud of myself for thinking ahead and giving myself plenty of time. The latest news I have is that the mail might arrive next week.

That's it. I'm tapped out for now.


A Daring Adventure said...

Wow, I had no idea that the mail could be like that overseas! That's why I love reading you guys' blogs- it really helps me understand what life is like for you.

Sorry about the stomach flu and the pregnancy aches and pains. :( Yes, they are normal... but that doesn't make them pleasant.

Nick said...

Haven't gotten mail in Funrovia in over 10 days...I feel your pain.


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