13 March 2010

Chicken in the Kitchen

When we got home yesterday afternoon we went straight to the kitchen to heat up leftovers for lunch. It was ridiculously hot in the kitchen so we opened the back door. Then we heard gentle clucking very close by. The rooster, Little Jerry, and one of the hens, Stella, were approaching the door. They're usually pretty shy with us, although Jerry's been getting closer to Mike. Mike gives him snacks. We wanted to see if they would actually come into the house. Mike threw some bits of tortilla out the door, and the lure of a treat overcame any shyness.

I'm going to miss our chickens when we go. I love Jerry. He's a gigantic monster of a rooster. We now also have two hens and two undetermined chicks. We're giving Jerry to a friend when we leave. But the others will undoubtedly become lovely dinners for some people. I eat chicken, but I can't fathom eating the ones that are my own pets. I'm glad I won't be here for that.


Cara Lopez Lee said...

Jerry looks like a weight-lifter, with those Foghorn Leghorn shoulders. I'm not a vegetarian either, but I, too would have trouble eating animals I raised. And once they have names, forget it.

Thought it was about time I checked in again, so I don't miss any important pregnancy news. Congratulations again. Wow, your life seems full of surprises.

A Daring Adventure said...

Darling photos!

I cannot fathom having chickens around. That just sounds like so much fun. They look so cute!

Glad you guys feed them...

Hope school is coming along well for you!

Stephanie said...

Cara, Jerry is definitely a bruiser. I'm glad he's too old and tough now to be a good dinner. Our friend wants to keep him as a stud when we go. We're glad his genes will live on!

K, we don't do much with them. Our gardener provides most of their care. They're more just fun, roving lawn ornaments if you will. They're well cared for, and we let our gardener keep the eggs. You, too, may have chicken pets some day!


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