30 May 2010

One Week

One week from right now I'll be at the airport getting ready to board my flight, the first, and the longest, in a series that will have me traveling for approximately thirty hours. I have my cat's reservations made. I've requested aisle seats and gluten-free meals for all my flights. I have my Kindle loaded with plenty of reading material. I've packed quite a few things. I've got detailed lists of the things I want Mike to send to the United States and things that can be forwarded on to India from here when he does our packout.

This week, other than get health certificates for both me and the cat, all I have left to do is say good-bye to everyone. I'm sad. I've had so much fun here and met so many great people. I'm not ready to leave it all behind. And I'm especially sad that Mike's going to miss the next few weeks of the pregnancy. Separations we are used to, but separations while pregnant are all new to us.


Shannon said...

Enjoy this trip. Flying with kids is a whole different game, not bad just different. I have all sorts of stuff in my bag for the kids but nothing really for me. I don't think I would mind flying so much if I could just lose myself in a book for a few hours. Sorry you are not ready to say goodbye, that makes it hard.

A Daring Adventure said...

So sorry, Stephanie. Sorry that you have to say goodbye, and sorry that you have to be away from Mike right now. :(

Jen said...

I agree it's no fun to be separated during any part of the pregnancy...but do enjoy the flying alone! I'll never forget flying by myself while 7 months pregnant (w/LG) on a weekend trip back to the States...heavenly..just me, my books, and 3 children (not my own) crying me to sleep..

Jill said...

Oh I DO know what it's like to do the trip alone ... and to BE alone before your hubby gets there.

Hope all goes well as you fly out in just a few days.


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