21 July 2010


Mike's flight out of Buj tonight was cancelled. So rather than waiting for him to arrive on Thursday afternoon, constantly updating the flight status on the websites of the various airlines he was supposed to be flying, I'm waiting for him to find out his new itinerary and let me know what it is. Worst case scenario is he's on the exact same itinerary starting on Thursday night instead of tonight. But I'm hoping he can find an earlier flight because I'm selfish and anxious and ready for him to be home now. (And I know he's ready to be home now, too.)

Pregnancy update: 37 weeks, 3 days. The doctor is confident the baby will wait until Mike's here, even if he arrives Friday or Saturday instead of tomorrow.


Bfiles said...

i have been thinking of you! Hope your husband gets their quickly. At 37 weeks I'm sure baby will wait a few more days. Hope whenever he/she (do you know? not sure) makes an appearance, that it's a quick and healthy delivery!

Stephanie said...

Thanks! (We don't know; we're being surprised.)

Jen said...

Hope he gets there soon and can't wait to see photos of the wee one!

Diane H K said...

It's time to pack your hospital bag. I didn't, and went into early, precipitous labor with nothing packed for the hospital. John had to go home after the baby was emergency c-sectioned to get the stuff we needed.

There are lists of what to pack for going to the hospital to have your baby, you can find them online and decide what items are appropriate for you.

Important to breathe as deeply as you can to keep up the oxygen flow to the baby during labor and delivery! All that huffing and puffing you see during "teevee labor" scenes is for the baby's benefit, not the mama's, but no one told me that until I was actually in labor.

Best of luck! Hope it all goes well!


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