09 December 2010

One Last Move!

We moved again! This is going to be it for about two years. Last week and the week before I'd made a couple trips out to the house to check on how the painting was going and I knew once the painting was finished we'd be moving in soon. But I was a little surprised when Mike called on Tuesday morning and said "The house is ready. They want us to move today. " ("And sorry, I can't come home to help.")

Luckily we never fully unpacked our boxes and suitcases and Muffin decided to take one of her longer daytime naps (almost a full hour), so I was able to zoom around and get quite a bit of stuff thrown into those boxes and suitcases before Muffin woke up. Then our housekeeper arrived and she and I took turns watching Muffin and packing. The movers would have done the packing for us, but I really wanted to get this job finished as quickly as possible. When they showed up there was very little for them to do except load the truck.

We walked into the new house and I saw the finished paint job. It's gorgeous! Our driver and housekeeper were surprised and they loved it too. (They worked for the previous couple in this house, so they've only seen it as white. They think more Americans should paint their rooms in bright colors.)

This is it. We are unpacking and staying put for a while. It's such a relief.

Now if only our car would get here.


Keith C. said...

Congratulations on your NEW HOME and right in time for FESTIVUS !!

Have a wonderful holiday - We Miss you here in 'da hood'.

Keith & David

Bfiles said...

glad you've moved finally! Tell us more about painting (unless I missed it)- do they always paint your home or is that unusual? I love bright colors in a home!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Keith! We miss the 'hood too.

B, they don't always custom paint, but there's no harm in asking. You often have to pay the paint crew yourself and/or pay to have the walls repainted after you leave.

Jill said...

Congrats on moving into your permanent home! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Linsey said...

Congrats on your new home. I love that you painted! I fully intend to paint at our next assignment. They don't use lead paint in China...right? :)


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