25 May 2011

No More Teachers, No More (School) Books

I've been taking online courses since January, and as of this week I'm finishing up for a few months. I just handed in my final weekly essay. I'll do my final exam either tonight or tomorrow morning. And then I will no longer spend all of Muffin's nap times doing required reading and I will no longer spend my weekends writing essays. We leave for a long weekend on Friday. I have a list of books to read for fun over the next few months. I want to concentrate on some writing. Maybe I'll finally get the sewing room up and running. Plus, on June 1, I start working again! I used to work in the editorial office of a medical journal, JACC, and they're hiring me for a six-month contract to work from home. I can't wait to be back to my old job, even if it's only for a few months.

The summer is drawing to an end here but since I'm ending my classes for a while, I feel like my summer vacation is just beginning. Spending a rainy season on the couch with a warm laptop or Kindle sounds great to me.

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