30 May 2011

Vizag Hill Stations Itinerary

For curious parties, or random people doing Google searches, here is our itinerary for the trip this weekend. (See previous post for more about the trip.)

On Friday morning we flew from Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam, also known as Vizag. A driver met us there and drove us to Tyda Jungle Bells, about two hours away up into the hills.

On Saturday we left Jungle Bells and went to the Borra Caves. Then the driver took us to the Ananthigiri Hill Resort, even though we insisted that our reservation was at the Araku Valley Hill Resort. Between Jungle Bells, Borra Caves, Ananthigiri, and Araku Valley, we were in the car for several hours.

When we arrived at Araku Valley we decided we wanted to leave on Sunday instead of Monday. We went to the Padmapuram Gardens late in the afternoon since it was near the hotel.

The drive from Araku Valley to the airport took about two and a half hours on Sunday morning. We stopped for some very good South Indian coffee. The flight home was a breeze and we are happy with the decision to come home early.

Vizag accomodations: click here.
Vizag attractions: click here.


DelhiBound said...

Hey Stephanie,

I've heard Vizag is absolutely beautiful! A friend's husband is wrapping up work on a new hotel there ...

It's on our list to visit ...

Stephanie said...

We didn't spend any time at the beach, but the hills were gorgeous. You can see our photos on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/15217562@N00/sets/72157626830818766/


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