30 June 2011

Travel Photo Friday: Krakaw and Zakopane, Poland

From the archives:

Wawel Castle, Krakow.
Town square, Krakow, early in the morning.
Wooden church, Zakopane.

Enjoying the smoked cheese that's sold on roadside carts in Zakopane.
My cousin's guest house in Zakopane.
Poland was the first stop on our European vacation in August 2007. We spent only one day in Krakow before traveling several hours by train to the mountain town of Zakopane, where my mom's family is from. Zakopane is in the Tatra mountains and there is wonderful skiing and hiking and delicious, hearty food. My cousins have a guest house (so if you're planning a trip, let me know!) steps away from some of the hiking trails. I can't wait to get back there some day so Muffin can run around in the mountains.

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Jessica said...

I love the wooden church. Such a uniquely shaped structure.

Stephanie said...

The church is in a little village outside of Zakopane. All the houses are wooden, too, and it's the town law that all wooden structures have to be washed twice a year so they always look fresh and clean.

Kelly Paras said...

Wawel Castle was one of my favorite spot in Krakow! I was there for Palm Sunday and the courtyard in front of the church was packed with people and giant palm fronds. Did you catch the fire-breathing dragon at the entrance to the caves under the castle?

Sonja said...

Makes me want to travel there just to stay in that charming looking guest house!


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