13 August 2011

Muffin Is One

Muffin turned one last week. She's 31 1/2 inches tall, which is apparently off-the-charts tall and she's about 22 pounds, which is average. She's almost walking; she's crawling and cruising faster than we can keep up with her. She says "mama, dada, cat, dog," and "yum." She knows the signs for "eat" and "more" and she understands the commands "clap," "wave," and "use your spoon please."
She loves the sound of skype firing up on our laptops. She can pick the keys off the keyboards and she can open every drawer in the house. She can reach water bottles off the kitchen counters and dining room table. She has fierce determination and she sticks out her tongue when she's working hard on a project.

She looks at books and she head bangs to classic rock. No matter how many times the cat swipes at her, she continues to try and make friends. She stands on the terrace and makes proclamations to the neighborhood. No matter how hard I try, she will not sit still and zone out with the tv for a few minutes so that I can get a little break.

She likes to go fast in her stroller and her bike seat. She is fearless when it comes to diving head-first off the couch.

She constantly amazes us and wears us out. We call her a snuggle thug, because her love is aggressive. She makes other babies cry with her advances of friendship. She is endlessly optimistic. She's easily the funniest person we've ever met.


Daniela Swider said...

Happy Birthday to your little firecracker! Sounds like she keeps you guys on your toes...

Sadie said...

Happy Birthday Muffin! I love that she recognizes the Skype sound - adorable! She's such a cutie :-).


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