13 October 2011

Travel Photo Friday: Bangle Shopping, Old City, Hyderabad, India

I love the bangles of Hyderabad. I bought my first set about two weeks after we arrived. We've been here for almost a year now and I have quite a collection. Babies get bangles here but I was reluctant to give them to Muffin until she stopped putting them in her mouth. The glitter gets everywhere and she's swallowing enough of it as it is without actually eating bangles. Last week, though, she expressed an interest in wearing my bangles rather than eating them so I decided it was time for her to have her own. Grandma is visiting, so it was a good time to go to the Old City, to the bangle district, for a little shopping spree.

A young bangle salesman, for a young customer.

Muffin chooses her favorites.

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Sonja said...

Do they come in different sizes? Cute little baby ones would be adorable!

Stephanie said...

They do! We bought her a small pair and I got the same pair in my size.

Cara Lopez Lee said...

As I read your post, I thought of the Indian dowry tradition, which has implications that most Western woman have happily cast aside. I also remembered the pleasure childhood affords in small things, especially those a mother gives on a happy day. You're giving your child the dowry of a global life, an open mind, and family joy: riches to last a lifetime. Oh, and Muffin's adorable little face has the look of someone in bangle heaven. :)

Lisa said...

I had no idea there were shops selling nothing but bangles. They are so beautiful - my daughters would go absolutely mad in a shop like that. :)