27 October 2011

Travel Photo Friday: Diwali, Hyderabad, India

Wednesday night was the first night of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. To someone not accustomed to the holiday, it's more like the salute to fireworks.

Last year we arrived in Hyderabad on the first night of Diwali. Luckily Muffin was jet lagged enough to sleep through the whole thing. The fireworks continued for several days. Would we be lucky enough this year?

Yes. Muffin loved watching the fireworks for a little while and then she happily settled into bed and slept through the night.

Muffin also enjoyed some of the traditional holiday sweets.

We had a small, toned-down Westernized version of the holiday compared to our Indian neighbors.

Shopping for fireworks.

Laddu, a traditional sweet.

Rangoli, a chalk drawing in front of the house that welcomes any deities that might be stopping by. This is at a neighbor's house.

More laddu pleeeeeeeease!

Watching the fireworks.

The big kids played with sparklers.


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runnergirl training said...

Great pics!

Laurel said...

Diwali sounds like such a fun festival, I would love to check it out one day.

derien said...

I just heard this piece on NPR yesterday about how Diwali is getting all commercialized and the fireworks aren't as loud as they used to be - in fact, he sounded kind of like a cranky old man about it, he obviously loved the holiday when he was a kid and he's been away from India for a long time. :)

Jessica said...

I like your description of Diwali!

Lisa said...

Great pics! I particularly like the one of the rangoli - it's beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone!

Derien, there were fireworks loud enough to shake our house, so they were loud enough for me! You get used to them after a while because it's constant noise. I can see where it's become commercial compared to the Diwali of the past, but it's no where near as commercialized as American Christmas.

Steve said...

A festival to celebrate fireworks? Yes please! I can't imagine sleeping through the night while fireworks are going off. Your daughter must be a very good sleeper.

Sonja said...

Good thing the baby wasn't scared by all the fireworks!

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