24 November 2011

Travel Photo Friday: Old City Motorcycles, Hyderabad, India

My husband loves motorcycles and he recently bought his second Royal Enfield here in India. He bought an older one that will be easier to bring back to the United States with us (classic cars don't have the same safety and emissions standards), but it needs a lot of work. One day Muffin and I went with him on the tour of mechanic shops in the Old City he visits regularly to check on the progress of his new old bike.


Muffin loves motorcycles.

I have one of these old scooters, similar in color to the one on the left. I haven't driven it yet.

"Safety on roads is safe tea at home"

Mike's new old bike.

These ornamental handlebars are very popular in parts of the Old City.

Royal Enfield, India.

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runnergirl training said...

Cool! Great pics!

Laurel said...

I love the ornamental handlebars, very artistic.

derien said...

That last picture... the Enfield India logo also has a very faint 'Sputnik' across it. Eor thinks maybe that's intended to be a picture of a space capsule...?

Tracy Burns said...

Those handlebars are gorgeous. And I love the shot of your daughter on the 'giant' bike. She looks so tiny

Mike said...

That "Enfield India" logo is hand-painted by someone, and not any kind of official logo.

Everything is hand-done and hand-redone here, including bodywork painting.

What that logo actually seems to be, in a subtle ironic twist, is an [American] Indian chief's head. The reason for this may be that the artist copied an older "Enfield Indian" bike, which (even more confusingly) was a Royal Enfield imported to the US in the 50s or 60s as an "Indian" brand bike (which was a purely American make; Harley's biggest competitor back in the day) as a low-cost addition to the model lineup. (Like Ford re-branding Kia cars to sell as Fords.)

Indian Motorcycles (American) used such an Indian chief as its logo. The biggest of the many ironies is that the artist copying it probably had no idea whatsoever what an American Indian was/is.

It is awesome that Sophie loves motorcycles so much, but I can't wait until we can go mountain biking together, either. (My first and greatest two-wheeled love.)

Sophie said...

Very cool bikes! Hopefully, you're not all riding on the same bike, as Indian families often do :)

Julia Anderson said...

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corporate income tax said...

Nice pictures, I love those motorcycles!

Tik Tong said...

Excuse me where in hyderabad ???


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